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At the Law Office of Kyle C. King, we are dedicated to providing expert legal representation for individuals facing underage DUI charges in Waco, Texas. Our experienced team of attorneys understands the unique challenges and complexities of underage DUI cases, and we are here to help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights.  

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Texas Underage DUI Laws 

In Texas, the legal drinking age is 21. As a result, individuals under this age are prohibited from consuming alcohol. It follows that underage individuals should not be operating a vehicle under the influence. Underage DUI laws in Texas are stringent, and it's crucial to understand the following key points:

  • Zero Tolerance Policy: Texas employs a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. Any detectable amount of alcohol in an underage driver's system can lead to a DUI charge.
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limit: For individuals under 21, the legal BAC limit is 0.02%. This is significantly lower than the limit for adults, which is 0.08%. Even a single alcoholic drink can push an underage driver's BAC above the legal limit.
  • Enhanced Penalties: Texas enforces enhanced penalties for underage DUI offenders, including fines, license suspension, community service, and mandatory alcohol education programs.
  • Implied Consent: Underage drivers in Texas are subject to implied consent laws. This means that by operating a vehicle, they consent to undergo chemical testing (e.g., breathalyzer or blood test) if an officer suspects them of DUI. Refusal to comply can result in an automatic license suspension. 

What are the Penalties for an Underage DUI in Texas?

The penalties for an underage DUI in Texas can be severe and vary based on several factors, including the offender's age and the case's specific circumstances. Some of the consequences you or your child may face include:

  • Driver's License Suspension: Underage individuals charged with DUI often face an automatic suspension, even for a first-time offense. This can create significant obstacles for young people who rely on their ability to drive for school, work, and other responsibilities.
  • Fines and Court Costs: The fines for an underage DUI conviction can be substantial, making it essential to have a solid defense to minimize these financial burdens.
  • Probation: Sometimes, a court may impose probation as part of the sentence. This can come with strict conditions, including mandatory drug and alcohol testing and educational programs.
  • Criminal Record: An underage DUI conviction can result in a criminal record, having far-reaching consequences for future employment, education, and housing opportunities.
  • Jail Time: An underage DUI conviction can lead to time behind bars, depending on the offense's severity and prior convictions.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: A DUI conviction can lead to skyrocketing insurance rates, making it expensive for young drivers to stay on the road.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: The court may order installing an ignition interlock device, requiring the driver to pass a breathalyzer test before starting the vehicle.

Defenses Against Underage DUI Charges

Being charged with an underage DUI does not mean automatic guilt. Our skilled attorneys at the Law Office of Kyle C. King are well-versed in building solid defenses to protect our clients' rights. Some common defenses against underage DUI charges may include:

  • Lack of Probable Cause: If law enforcement did not have a valid reason to stop or search the vehicle, it may be possible to challenge the validity of the traffic stop.
  • Inaccurate BAC Testing: Breathalyzer and blood tests are not infallible, and errors can occur. Challenging the accuracy and reliability of these tests can be a crucial defense strategy.
  • Failure to Administer Miranda Rights: If law enforcement fails to properly inform the accused of their Miranda rights, it can impact the admissibility of statements made during the arrest.
  • Rising Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): It takes time for alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If the arrest occurred during this absorption period, it may be possible to argue that the BAC was below the legal limit at the time of driving.
  • Medical Conditions: Medical conditions can lead to falsely elevated BAC readings. An experienced attorney can work to uncover and present evidence of such conditions.
  • Improper Testing Procedures: If the authorities did not follow correct procedures during testing, the results may be deemed inadmissible.

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